Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Blog Bullying

Have been reading about this incident in the past couple of days and it's all rather sad!
Personally I feel that Kris Brown should have stood his ground, fought back, found out who was responsible, and kept on going, but it is a sad fact that whilst politics attracts the bully and the troll in the legislative and media worlds, it is certainly no stranger to the blogosphere either! :/
Chin up Kris, keep up the good work, and remember you are worth far more than those who made your life difficult!


Kris Brown said...

Thanks Paul, you're very kind. It wasn't bullying. The post Marsha put down made it look as if all the different opinions brought me down. It was actually due to swearing on my blog. There was a potential for all the swearing to end up with a certain authoirty that deals with elected officials. I don't need to say - ask Ken Livingstone if you're not sure. Closing my blog was on the recommendation of my Labour Group.

I'm a Councillor and should be more responsible.

Phantom of the Labour Party said...

Perhaps you could start reading my blog intstead.


Paul Burgin said...

Thanks for the clarification Kris!

Praguetory said...

On reflection this is a poor excuse. I presume Kris didn't have a problem controlling himself from swearing, so comment moderation can be used to screen swearing. I have seen Kris make the same point at Kerron's place, but it just doesn't ring true. I think other forces were at work. Sorry, Kris.