Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bloggers Christmas Social

Owing to the success of the last one, I am planning another event for Saturday 9th Dec at 5:30PM, as a Christmas special of sorts.
However, I am not sure where to book yet! The Coal Hole is ideal, and indeed there is St Stephen's Tavern (which Andrew at B4L says may be unworkable, but we'll see), and indeed the Lord Moon of the Mall. In any case a list of candidates for venue can be found here.
The list of those invited is mainly political (albeit cross-party), however it's not exclusively so as you will see in a minute.
Will e-mail all concerned (well the 95% that are contactable, the other 5% will hopefully be reading this), please let me know if you are able to come along so I get an idea of figures and each person invited can bring a guest (but please let me know if you are!)Any ideas will also be welcome. Andrew has suggested I organise a Labour bloggers event early next year and I hope to do that. Will take some planning and consultation of it's own, but will keep you informed



List of blogs whose moderators are invited:
Cally's Kitchen
Kerron Cross-The Voice of the Delectable Left
Living Ghosts Endurance Challenege
One Small Voice
Peculiar Times
rose's random ramblings
Travis' Place
Antonia's blog
Baby Washington
Barry's Beef
Fisking Central
Cllr Miranda Grell
Jo's Journal
Let's Be Sensible
Lord of the Blog -The Weblog of Lord Soley of Hammersmith
Luke's Blog
Mike Ion
Nicola's blog
Rullsenberg Rules
Skuds' Sister's Brother
Someday I Will Treat You Good
The Wonderful World of Lola
Yours for a Labour Government
Conservative Home
Iain Dale's Diary
My Rambling Thoughts
Tim Roll-Pickering
Jonathan Chilvers
Christian Political Forum
Subway Writers Group
What are you waiting for?


Louisa Willoughby said...

Alas, I won't be able to make it...

UK Daily Pundit said...

For a young man that works in a newsagents kiosk you show a great deal of promise. Have a good party.

Adele said...

Cheers that sounds great. Have got plenty of mates in London so I'll make a weekend of it.

Bloggers4Labour said...

Cool, I can do that.

If it is to be the Coal Hole, may be worth finding out if they adopt an Xmas menu, only the food can get a bit samey :-)

Drinks, however, are spot-on.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Cloud and I will certainly try to be there... I will keep you updated!

Sean Carter said...

That's great... Would be real nice if you hold the Labour bloggers event... Peep into this amazing Christmas Blog to check out some really cool stuffs and unique ideas

Paul Burgin said...

Thanks Louisa, uk pundit,Cloud, Lisa and Adele. Andrew I will investigate. Sean, thanks for the suggestion

Jo said...

Can't make it as I'll be at work, but have fun!

Paul Burgin said...

Fair enough! Although remind me to contact you regarding a Labour bloggers event, as Andrew and I still Oxford as still a strong certainty for location!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you invite the "anonymous" commenters and engineer a warming of relations?

Paul Burgin said...

I was never that hostile in the first place!

rosegenie said...

If anyone fancies dropping into St Augustines Church in Queensgate at 7.30pm on Sat 9th Dec, they can also attend my carol concert! :D

Paul Burgin said...

A bit of commercial freeloading there!
I like it! ;)

C4' said...

What about me? What about C4?