Friday, October 20, 2006

Clare Short's resignation

(Press Association)
Well, better she does that than make further comments about hung parliaments! On issues like these I would hardly expect to agree with a Conservative, but Iain hits the nail on the head about being furious and kicks in the teeth. All I can say is that she dithered on Iraq at a crucial moment and her above comments are insulting to those Labour MP's who represent marginal constituencies. Esp those who might otherwise be sympathetic to her views about Iraq! Mind you, I have mentioned this before.


Disillusioned and Bored said...

An absolute disgrace. Check out her 2005 election leaflet here. I would be outraged if I had voted for her at the last election.

Paul Burgin said...

The link doesn't work, but I read the leaflet on your site! I'm just flabbergasted, esp when you see politicians like Tony Benn who are happy to remain in the Labour Party and he never advocated a hung parliament when he was an MP!