Tuesday, October 24, 2006

English Parliament on 18 Doughty Street

Not literally, although it's an interesting thought! ;)
Some of the biggest hits on my blog this month, occured when I made this entry about the possible need for an English Parliament. Something I am strongly inclined to support. This evening at 9PM, 18 Doughty Street's Vox Politics will be discussing this issue. Now a few days ago I sent the guys there a report concerning my views, so they may or may not be showing that this evening. In any case, it's worth having a look, because the issue of an English Parliament doesn't seem to be taken seriously enough and it is a concept that has growing support.


Adele said...

support an english parliament and there will quite possibly never be a labour govnt again

Paul Burgin said...

That depends on what voting system is used and the shape of the constituencies. It also depends on what powers a Westminster Parliament has!

Bishop Hill said...

I'm sure I read somewhere that all Labour governments have had a majority of the English seats as well as a UK majority.