Even more on an English Parliament!

Fast becoming a mainstream news story, and recognition from the media that it is a cross party issue. Even more intriguing is the splits within the Conservative Party on this issue. That's not to say that some in Labour still harbour hopes of regional assemblies, but it is good to see this issue taken more seriously.


Toque said…
To say that there are Conservative splits on this issue is rather flattering to the Conservative Party if I may say so.

It would indicate that there is some ideological divide, or perhaps a contentious point of principle that splits the Party. In actuality the vast overwhelming majority of the Parliamentary Conservative Party are happy to cite English Votes on English Matters as the answer to the English Question without any firm understanding of what this might entail or how it would work in practice.

Yes, I know that the Democracy Taskforce are 'considering' the issue. But the fact remains that it has been Party policy - a manifesto commitment - for the past three General Elections and not one Conservative MP, not even Sir George Young or Oliver Heald, can actually tell us how this ludicrous divisive and damaging policy has a snowflake in hells chance of working.

The word 'pathetic' sums up the Tories on this one.
Paul Burgin said…
Well we shall see more interesting battle lines as the issue develops!

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