Thursday, October 12, 2006

In Defence of Kerron Part II

(The Voice of the Delectable Left)
Not as bad as this one, but I feel I must take issue with Luke's comments.
As Kerron stated, he has already stood for Parliament and has made enough of a standing within the Party at grassroots, blogging, and Parliamentary research level not to suffer the pangs of jealousy that Luke suggests. There is also the fact that Kerron is against all-women shortlists in principle because he feels that it is sexist towards both men and women!
I suppose I ought to declare my own interest in that Kerron is a good friend of some two to three years standing and I happen to share a lot of his political views (although his support for Watford is something else! ;) ), plus he has helped me out more often than I have asked and is one of the most generous of fellow party members. So when I see a comrade like Kerron get a rather patronising kicking I feel the need to intervene (BTW Luke, comradely advice here which you can take or leave as, believe it or not I have no axe to grind and I think you're a generally okay guy, but confrontational blog entries with a hectoring style, complete with sardonic flavour doesn't help you, and is probably why you have made a no of enemies in the blogosphere!).
Not only that, but Kerron's criticism of Kitty Ussher, whilst perhaps a bit OTT at times, comes down, not to the fact she is a woman, but because, as he sees it, she didn't get to where she is through the hard slog that many Labour activists who go into elected politics have to go through, and the suggestion that she treats her constituency with some form of middle class superiority. Now Kerron might have misread the situation, he might not have done, but he certainly is not grinding his axe because Kitty is female. BTW you can find the origins of his blogging about her here.
Put simply Luke, I think you jumped the gun and made an attack which I think was a little unfair!
(Now I will just calmly grab my army gear and dive into the trenches!)


Anonymous said...

Paul that is an incoherent posting.

Plus I'm really bored of all this anti-Ussher rubbish and all this anti-Luke stuff. Why don't we all just get behind the Labour Party - all our representatives - and stop slagging fellow comrades off. A lesson that both you and Kerron would take well.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Paul, what's all this bitchin' about Labour Party Members about? Also, why is 18 Doughty Street saying you have taken a camera from them and will be recording reports?

Why are you helping the Tory propaganda machine? are you going to defect?

Paul Burgin said...

anon, I am not intending to be bitchin' about anyone. Generally I like Luke and his blog, but occasionally he can get a bit OTT and I am saying that out of friendly concern rather than being cruel. Plus I was simply defending Kerron from an unfair attack.
As for 18 Doughty Street, please do your homework. It is more multi-party than anything else and I am judging the situation on Iain's track record with Politico's. If I honestly thought it would simply be "Tory TV" or if I think that's it's ultimate aim, I would keep a good distance from it. Why not have a go about Roy Hattersley writing for the Daily Mail instead?

Luke Akehurst said...


I thought Kerron seemed a pleasant person when I met him at B4L social. Probably I would agree with him on many political issues.

However, I am shocked by his opposition to All Women Shortlists (whatever motivates it) and I dislike the way in which he keeps attacking Kitty Ussher. I thought that him having dished out an attack on someone he deserved a taste of his own medicine.

I am sure he is big enough not to take it personally.

Andrea said...

I want a catfight in the fountain between Kerron and Luke like in Dynasty...who would be Joan Colling among the 2?!

Anonymous said...


is it not that dale has recruited you for 18 doughty as you are rubbish and he can rip it out of you with montgomery and anyone else showing what a bunch of goons the labour party are? think about it

Anonymous said...

"I am shocked by his opposition to All Women Shortlists (whatever motivates it)"

It is sexist and discriminatory.

Paul Burgin said...

Well anon, I have more confidence and ability than you, who is rather paranoid and gutless as you don't mention your name. Thanks for your concern, but as I said, I can handle this, as incidentally can Kerron!

Paul Burgin said...

Andrea, I think it would be more like the gentlemanly pursuit of pistols at dawn! ;)

Luke I am sure Kerron can take it well (he seems to manage with the abuse on his blog), I was just a bit taken aback by your posting on said issue.

Anonymous said...

18 Doughty St IS Tory TV! Watch some of their stuff - it's more right wing than fox news

Adele said...

Whats sexist is the disproportionate amount of male MPs in parliament.

Paul Burgin said...

Thats as well as maybe Adele, but the electorate do have a say in that!

Lola said...

hmmm. i'm not sure they do have much of a say. in some cases there are only male candidates, for starters.

The more important point is that lots of people do vote on the basis of party more than individual (although obviously the individual candidates do have an impact).

I want more women in parliament - but I'm not going to vote tory if they've put up a woman and the Lab candidate's a man.

That's why we as a party have to do something about it - because we have the chance to look at the problem on a macro level and create a solution that works for the whole country, rather than just saying to voters 'well vote for a woman then if you feel that strongly'

Anonymous said...

"Thats as well as maybe Adele, but the electorate do have a say in that"

I cannot believe the profound ignorance of that comment. You're blaming the electorate for being sexist when over half of them are women.