Last Night on 18 Doughty Street

Well my report wasn't used and, according to a brief exchange of e-mails just before the show, it looks like there were one or two hiccups as there was an interest in the fact that I had done something on this issue. Anyways, I did send my views on Ann Widdecombe's comments and they were mentioned on the show. Thanks Iain!

It's worth looking at, esp as there seems to be some public interest, plus the fact that Tim Montgomerie seems to be against the idea whilst Iain Dale is sympathetic towards it.

I don't like being this chummy with some Tories on a particular issue, but better to agree on a non party partisan issue such as an English Parliament than an overtly partisan issue like this!

Yes Kate, I am thinking of you.


Praguetory said…
I'm with Tim Montgomerie on this topic, but I agree this shouldn't be party political. The people that I will argue vehemently with are those that believe the status quo is acceptable (hence my comment on your earlier post).
Paul Burgin said…
Fair enough! I will agree, vehementley :), that the status quo is unacceptable!

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