Less Is More

(Labour Party)
As the saying sometimes goes. I think that this is a good move and will help democratise consultation within the Party, which, if nothing else, we need right now as we are in our tenth year of government and facing a change of leader!


Luke Akehurst said…

I disagree. It wasn't just a spring conference - it was the local government conference, allowing councillors the chance to debate issues that are sidelined at Annual Conference. And in certain years the women's, youth and European conferences were also held in parrallel.

Anything that reduces the number of national fora where members can meet and express views and exchange ideas is not a good move.
Tom Freeman said…
I think it is a pity to lose an event like this - although doubtless it would have turned into a Blair/Brown/Reid fest.

I wonder... if they scrap the autumn conference as well, then Blair can stay on forever while fulfilling his promise that 2006 would be his last party conference as leader. Sneaky.
Paul Burgin said…

I empathise with your concerns, but the real value is how the new structures are handled and dealt with by the Party hierarchy
Tom, if they scrap the autumn conference, you can be rest assured I will be among the first to complain
Louise said…
I wonder how much the decision has to do with either the Scottish Labour Party not wanting Blair to taint their election campaign next year or Blair not willing to go and support McConnell?
Luke Akehurst said…

I really doubt that is the case as Jack McConnell and Tony Blair have historically been close allies.
Anonymous said…
I wonder if they'll scrap you Paul
Louise said…
Historically yes Luke, you're right. Today? Not so much

Do excuse the lenghty cut n paste please Paul :-)

Mr McConnell's spokesman said: "The First Minister believes the next election should be about Labour's record in Scotland and what we want to achieve in the future; we have a confident record to stand on.

Mr McConnell's decision to be so open about his frustrations with Mr Blair marks a new low point in the relationship between the two men, which has deteriorated badly over the past few years. But it also signals Mr McConnell's increasing fears about the SNP threat and his concern that the Scottish Labour Party will suffer because of the UK party's internal squabbling."


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