Sunday, October 22, 2006

Lest We Forget

(BBC Online)
Forty years ago this week, Wales saw one of it's worst disasters! The horrific and devastating effect it had on the community in Aberfan is still keenly felt and some of the parents, even today, struggle daily with the vain feeling that their child will come home from school!


Kanakaberaka said...

I have a vague memory of the Aberfan disaster from elementary school. The Sister asked us to imagine how terrible it would be to have a whole generation killed off in our own neighborhood. She mentioned a landslide crushing a school in Europe doing so, but I don't remember any other details.

Paul Burgin said...

It was one of the most horrific disasters to hit the United Kingdom since the War! It wasn't a landslide, so much as a large coal heap near a school, which slid right on top of it!