Sunday, October 15, 2006

Political junkie test!

Via Brod Blog (UPDATE: Extra hat tip to tygerland)
The things that are true about me are in bold:

You're a political junkie if.......

1. The first thing you do in the morning is check the BBC’s politics website, followed by the broadsheets
2. You can name 10 Lib Dem MP’s
3. The Today programme is as much a morning routine as brushing your teeth and taking a piss
4. You know the URL’s for the Top Three political blogs from memory (easy when their name is in there)
5. In your briefcase is a copy of Private Eye, an iPod, and Alan Clarke’s biography (it's true about Private Eye)
6. You read Boris every week, even if its only to disagree
7. You record Question Time via Series Link on your SKY + box
8. You know the Huffington Post is not a newspaper from a town called Huffington
9. You know who Nicholas Sarkozy is
10. Your family never brings up politics in your presence
11. You have a complex opinion of Tony Blair
12. You actually know where the politics section is at your local Waterstones (Or indeed David's Bookshop)
13. You always vote
14. Your water cooler conversations usually revolve around a recent Westminster scandal,
15. You have given money to a political party, via either membership or a donation
16. Your dream is to appear on QT yourself (It's a nice thought, but I doubt I will even be asked!)
17. You read political blogs during your lunch hour
18. You see more of Iain Dale orRecess Monkey than your children, sadly (I don't have children)
19. You can name the last four foreign secretaries
20. You have a ‘handle’ at Labourhome.

By Brod and Tigerland.


Andrea said...

2, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18 (not having children, it's easy to see RM and ID more than them!), 19, 20.

Praguetory said...

Disturbingly, virtually the only ones that I don't qualify for are by dint of being outside the UK - oh and I don't read Boris or have a handle on Labour Home.

My family never intentionally brings up politics in my presence and boy do they regret it when they do.

Elephunt said...

thankfully I only managed to tick 4 of the boxes, which makes me pretty cool, a bit like Dave Cameron....who I'm sure ticked even less because none of the questions involved the Arctic Monkeys...

jane said...

all but two, I don't read Boris or have a handle on Labourhome, I find that thing difficult to read at all, so junkie it is

Paul Burgin said...

I ought to add 18, not having children either (I didn't fully spot that). Praguetory my families politics are varied, but it doesn't stop us arguing (my brother and I once ended a political argument when we realised it was getting heated), although we respect each others political stance. I score over 10 in any case, so that must make me a political junkie!

gabor - electrical language said...

9, 13, 19. 3 out of 20. But there is more to being politically aware than most of these tests.

Paul Burgin said...

True indeed, although a real political junkie test would probably have 100 questions and a large no of those thought to be pj's would fall by the wayside!

tyger said...


Do me a favour a delete my hissy-fit above.

Paul Burgin said...

Will do, although it's deserved!