Popular Blogs at Bloggers4Labour (Week 13)

Disclaimer: As Jo has pointed out, these are the Top Ten with the most recommended posts.
The Top 10 Bloggers at B4L this week, as voted for by fellow bloggers are:

1) The Daily (Same place)

2) Labour Humanists (Same place)

3) Jon's union blog (NEW)

Jt 4th) Bob Piper (Up two places), normblog (Same place)

6) KERRON CROSS - The Voice of the Delectable Left (Down three places)

7) Harry's Place (Down two places)

8) Jo's Journal (Up two places)

9) Freemania (NEW), Recess Monkey (Down three places)

For the curious, I am still in 16th place


Kerron said…
Clearly slipping!
Paul Burgin said…
But you are offically the numero uno blogger Kerron

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