Monday, October 09, 2006

Popular Blogs at Bloggers4Labour (Week 14)

Disclaimer: As Jo has pointed out, these are the Top Ten with the most recommended posts.The Top 10 Bloggers at B4L this week, as voted for by fellow bloggers are:

The Daily ... (1st) (-)

Labour Humanists ... (2nd) (-)

Jon's union blog ... (3rd) (-)

Bob Piper ... (4th) (-)

Harry's Place ... (5th) (+2)

normblog ... (6th) (-2)

KERRON CROSS - The Voice of the Delectable Left ... (7th) (-1)

Recess Monkey ... (8th) (+1)

Jo's Journal ... (9th) (-1)

Freemania ... (10th) (-1)

For the curious, I am now in 23rd place, along with Don Paskini and Skuds' Sister's Brother


Kerron said...

Slipping further and further down! Eek! :-)

Paul Burgin said...

You and me both!

Anonymous said...

what is the actual link to the Bloggers4Labour list?

Bloggers4Labour said...

It's here (scroll down).

Anonymous said...

link doesn't work

Bloggers4Labour said...

Lousy missing prefix.

OK, this works.