Monday, October 30, 2006

Popular Blogs at Bloggers4Labour (Week 17)

Disclaimer: As Jo has pointed out, these are the Top Ten with the most recommended posts.The Top 10 Bloggers at B4L this week, as voted for by fellow bloggers are:

The Daily ... (1st) (-)

Labour Humanists ... (2nd) (-)

Jon's union blog ... (3rd) (-)

Bob Piper ... (4th) (-)

KERRON CROSS - The Voice of the Delectable Left ... (5th) (+1)

Harry's Place ... (6th) (-1)

Jo's Journal ... (7th) (-)

normblog ... (8th) (-)

Recess Monkey ... (9th) (-)

Don Paskini ... (10th) (NEW)

For the curious, I am still in 26th place.

BTW I am considering leaving my weekly post on this as a) It's a bit pointless when B4L have their own excellent resource( see Recommended Posts (week) ), b) It doesn't seem to interest that many people and c) I am rather bored with it, esp as the top ten positions rarely change as much as they used to, if at all!


donpaskini said...

Hi Paul,

Thanks for putting this up - I've only been blogging a couple of months so am rather surprised to be in the top ten!

Keep up the good work with your blog - I'm one of the regular readers who doesn't usually comment.

Take care


Paul Burgin said...

Tis okay, it's meant I have got aqainted with your blog! :)