Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Robin Hood

(BBC Online)
Well I missed Saturday's episode and will likely miss next week's as well, although it is being repeated this Friday on BBC Three at 9PM.
I have to say though, although I haven't seen it, I much prefer this version (from what I have seen of it) to the eighties one on ITV, which I didn't like then, nor now! But that said, I also like a bit of realism so this does seem more promising than most adaptations (even though I like the Errol Flynn and Kevin Costner versions). So come Friday, no doubt I will be in for a treat!


Kanakaberaka said...

Any version of Robin Hood has to be better than Kevin Costner's politicaly correct movie. I read an old novelization of Robin Hood on my flight to and from San Diego in August, and I found it quite an exciting read. It painted the legendary bandit as quite a noble figure.

Anonymous said...

You... didn't... like... the... 80s... version?

(Deep breath)


And WTF is "politically correct" about the Costner film? I'm going to have to start killing people who describe things as "politicaly correct".

Paul Burgin said...

I just couldn't connect with the eighties version. I liked the scent of historical authenticity but that was about it! Maybe it was a bit dark for my liking!