Biblical Moments!

(US Library of Congress)
Was rather entertained (if that is the right word) by this piece from Harry's Place the other day.
Thing is, I know how he feels. There are moments when I am a bit tired and fed up and finding myself facing a theological argument and just wanting to avoid the issue and therefore sometimes cutting the conversation short and changing the subject. And like everyone else, a lot of Christians like me have the occasional family row, hear the doorbell go and see two smartly dressed JW's or Mormons on the doorstep and think "This is all I need right now!", switch on the polite smile and say something along the lines of "Thanks but no thanks!"
I am happy to have conversations about God and Jesus (obviously :) ), I am happy to talk about deep and meaningful things, but we are all human and there are times when I don't think it's the time or the place. I also don't like being treated like "evangelism fodder" (In the loose sense of the word) and neither, I might add, would I want to do the same to other people.


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