Thursday, November 30, 2006

Casino Prague! ;)

(Prague Tory)
Prague Tory has been blogging about two interesting subjects in the last few days.
The first is about the Slovakian Young Conservatives, following a request from Conservative Home. The second is about the board games night that took place on Tuesday in Prague.
Now given the recent popularity of the new James Bond film, and that Prague Tory has blogged on this, I am wondering if this has fired his imagination. I mean, he is involved with the Conservative Party in the area. Could it be that he has been inspired by the activities of Le Chiffre to use these mini tournaments as a way of making money for the Conservative Party? ;)
Someone from Labour should be James Bond and wipe him out over games of chess and backgammon, but who is up to this and who will skillfully avoid getting beaten in more ways than one!

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Praguetory said...

Allcomers welcome. You will be pleased to learn that politics is a popular subject at our chess nights and probably even more delighted to learn that my views usually stand in splendid isolation there. We had an interesting discussion the other night about whether we were a multi-national group or a multi-cultural one. Finally, I won an argument (you can probably guess what I was arguing). PS - I also did a piece on Czech Young Conservatives which is at Conservative Home.