Saturday, November 11, 2006

Howard Dean!

Originally posted by me on Labourhome :

Is Howard Dean ideal to help Labour with the May elections?

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According to The Guardian, Howard Dean has been drafted in to advise the Labour Party on it's campaigns for the forthcoming May elections!Personally I am a bit wary of "Yee hah!" being hired, but given the recent changes in the way US Democrats have changed their campaigning style and targets, it might well be a good choice, and that, coupled with a forthcoming change of leadership may well make May a pleasant spring for Labour!In any case, what do you think?


snowflake5 said...

I think you'll find it was Senator Charles Schumer and Rahm Emmanuel who masterminded the campaign. According to the NY Times, there was quite a bit of friction between them and Dean, as Dean wanted to use resources to build up the Dem state parties in all 50 states rather than concentrate on the mid-terms.

However, Dean does know a thing or too about fund-raising online - it might be something Labour needs to start thinking about, to pay for the next election.

Man in a shed said...

Howard Dean - just after a post on Borat. Is there a theme developing here ?

Praguetory said...

Dean is supposedly an expert in "viral" campaigning. I ask myself what messages he would want to infect the electorate with

Paul Burgin said...

Well, we shall see how thinngs develop Snowflake, Man in a shed, no theme developing, Praguetory, the right would know all about infectious messages wouldn't they! ;)