Oi Ref! See the video playback!

I am no Arsenal fan, but Wenger is right. I have always felt that, given the shape of football stadiums, the crowd (and to a greater extent those watching at home) can see more of what is going on on the pitch than the Referee! I am equally sure that some of the contentious decisions that are made by Refs are made in good faith because of the said person's inhability to see everything that goes on the pitch.
Apart from those decisions made when Leicester City play and those decisions are not made in their interests, obviously ;)


BCB Webmaster said…
I don't buy that argument about the crowds - unless you are in the front rows and near the action on the pitch. One thing I do know, however, is that if there is one man who always sees less than the ref its Arsense Wenger!

Seriously though, I think you meant the glorious MANCHESTER UNITED when you mentioned that Leicester City lot.

Join the Old Trafford side, Mr. Burgin, it is your destiny!
Paul Burgin said…
I will not be lured over Darth! ;)

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