Popular Blogs at Bloggers4Labour (Week 19)

A bit more streamlined this week:

Antonia Bance ... (1st) (NEW)
Don Paskini ... (2nd) (+2)
Labour Humanists ... (3rd) (-1)
Thoughts of Chairperson Mikey ... (4th) (NEW)
The Daily ... (5th) (NEW)
Snedds Blog ... (6th) (NEW)
Bob Piper (+1), Harry's Place (NEW), Jon's union blog (-4)... (7th =)
Fair Deal Phil ... (10th) (NEW)


Anonymous said…
I wondered what was going on, with such shifts but just figured it out: you've swiched from the aggregate to the weekly.
Paul Burgin said…
Thought it would spice things up, hope you don't mind!

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