Thursday, November 23, 2006

Vox Pops Part XIV

The Cross and British Airways

I did blog on this a day or to ago, but I wasn't happy with my take on it, or rather how I presented my argument, so I scrubbed it. However Andrew at WongaBlog has put the argument I follow rather well!


It's all dicey and we need to look carefully, but if in doubt over these cases (as a Journalist put it the other day) Qui Bono! President Putin was recently in the middle of a summit meeting, if he was behind this, would he really want the finger pointed at him during this time? Because, let's face it, the Russian governmentt would always be prime suspects in such a case. Mind you, if it was due to some radicals in the FSB I would not be surprised!

Liberal Democrat advertisment?

Spending most of my time during the 2005 general election knocking on doors, leafleting, arranging campaign packages for local wards in Hemel Hempstead, I didn't catch this ad (courtesy of YouTube). Does anyone know anything about it, and if it is a genuine ad by the Liberal Democrats then I am disgusted for two reasons.

1) It plays a "holier than thou" image in compariosn to the other main parties on the NHS, and yet by doing this they have made themselves hypocrites!

2) I can see it is meant to be funny, but I for one would never accuse individual Tories or Lib Dems about not caring about the NHS, even though I would argue as to the merits of their own solutions.


The Labour Humanist said...

BA have got themselves into an awful mess on this one. Being of a libertarian inclination I'm no fan of strict uniforms or dress codes where ever they might appear. I also think our culture, and our economy, would be a lot stronger if employees were judged on their ability to do a job well and not how they dressed. Who cares if this woman wears a small cross necklace,I certainly don't.

However, having said that, the women herself has argued that it was important to her because she wanted people she came into contact with to know she was a Christian. This is incredibly silly. Sorry, but when I'm checking in for a flight I couldn't give a monkey's about the personal life stance of the member of staff. I want to be checked in politely and efficiently. This is not a legitimate consideration.

Paul Burgin said...

Well I think BA would have found it in their interests to let her wear it!

stephen tall said...

Paul - the ad's a spoof, made by an ad exec for C4 during the last election to illustrate the kind of things the parties should be doing.

I'd agree with you it's pathetic.

Paul Burgin said...

Well I did make the proviso at the beginning of my piece that I was not sure if it was from the Lib Dems. The piece on YouTube said "Spoof" but not in context!