Thursday, January 25, 2007

Greatest Postwar Prime Minister

(BBC Online)
I found this, courtesy of Paul Linford . At the moment the BBC Daily Politics Poll has Margaret Thatcher in the lead and it is every Labour or left leaning bloggers duty to make sure that is broken.
Now I was unsure whether to vote for Clement Attlee or Harold Wilson, but in the end I rooted for Attlee for helping to bring postwar stability and running a radical government with less social division caused by a particular government in the 1980's. Although if I had to vote for nicest Prime Minister it would probably go to Sir Alec Douglas Home.
It's also worth noting that Margaret Thatcher is being championed by Kelvin Mackenzie, so go and vote for a Labour PM and vote tactically.


Adele said...

Anything that gives Kelvin Mckenzie a bloody nose is welcome.

Paul Burgin said...

Well it's amazing how many people don't like him. The people of Liverpool for one!