Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hillary Says "I'm in to win".

I do feel slightly like a Eugene McCarthy supporter in March 1968 finding out that the iconic Bobby is standing (and if I was around and of age then, I would definetly have backed Robert Kennedy), but I feel that Hillary Clinton is a bit of a divisive figure and that Barack Obama is what the US needs right now.
That said, I am not totally averse to seeing Hillary in the White House and we do have less than two years to go before the Presidential elections. To paraphrase Harold Wilson "Two years is a millenium in politics!" Things can change.


icedink said...

Hillary is devisive but has the money and the machine, whereas Barack is charismatic but doesn't. I am no fan of Hillary and think it is time for the whole thing to shift on to a new generation. I'd like to see more of Barack too. God knows who the Repubs are going to put up.

Paul Burgin said...

True. I do think the americans need a change of govt and Varack is the man for the top job, but who knows!

Paul Linford said...

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton? I agree with icedink - it's getting repetitive and it's time to move on.

Paul Burgin said...

Well it's rare in american politics that someone becomes President, having had a relative previously in the White House. It's only happened four times and nearly a fifth when you consider Robert Kennedy's bid in 1968.