Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Invasion of the Pikeys

(BBC Online)
Two hundred years ago, when Devon and Cornwall were awash with smugglers and the like, there were special laws to deal with looters of shipwrecks. Such a sceneario even featured in the Poldark storyline
In the past fortnight we have noticed that we have not gone much further than the eighteenth century. However vile Jade Goody behaved, had her eviction happened in front of a crowd it would have been akin to a public execution, and in the last couple of days we have seen theft of property on a grand scale on a Cornish beach.
You may well call it tidying up, but those items are the property of others and taking them and selling them on e-bay is theft. I hope those responsible will return the items via the police and those who do not should be prosecuted.


Annie Porthouse said...

i think that as the law currently stands, people ARE allowed to take stuff that's washed up on the beach, as long as they declare that they have taken it. I think the owner has something like 28 days to claim it, and if they don't, the finder gets to keep it. So yes, people shouldn't have taken stuff and sold it on e-bay (before 28 days). Also, it's one thing to take large stuff owned by big companies, but that woman who saw her personal belongings being gone through and stolen on TV must have felt hideous, and in that instance i really think the 'looters' had gone a bit too far.
i live v near the stranded ship... see a couple of recent posts on my blog for piccies!

Paul Burgin said...

Being a cynical person, I doubt very much that the majority of people's intention was to do their erm, public duty. As it was it looked too well organised, some of them probably criminal gangs, and the villagers were not too happy. The police should have been there in force and the laws should be tightened up!