Just What Is Going On There!

Have stopped watching Celebrity Big Brother out of sheer disgust, but I have read in the papers that Dirk Benedict is the current bullying target. (Alleged quote from Jo: "He's at breaking point. We just need to give him that extra tip over the edge." ) Well like Shilpa, the Benny can defend himself but this just goes to show how far down the programme makers of Big Brother have let standards drop to a frightening level. And if true, Danielle and Jo should be automatically evicted.
And that isn't taking this into account!


Kanakaberaka said…
Dirk Benedict (aka "Face") ought to call in the rest of The A Team. Hannibal Smith could infiltrate the studio disguised as a potted plant. Then B.A. Barracus could lecture the tormentors, saying "Ah pitty the fool who dares to mess with my man Face!".
Paul Burgin said…
Ah, but that has been suggested already. Scroll down and you will find a link to such a comment!

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