Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Last Night on Doughty Street

Click here if you want to watch my performance on 18 Doughty Street last night. I don't know what it is about seeing yourself on TV or video or anything like that, but I am one of those who watches playback and cringes at all the little things I do etc..
But it is interesting, esp when Devil's Kitchen starts going on about Global Warming and racism and socialism. With hindsight I would have handled that slightly differently, but his comments are a good reminder of why UKIP are seen as a little bit way out there.


Samuel Coates said...

The first campaign video (as seen on Newsnight) has just gone online!

DĂșnadan said...

Here are my points:

* Devil's Kitchen is a good devil's advocate but watching last night he did frustrate me with his joking. By half way through the programme I was getting so bored of it! For me, it really got in the way of the debate and his debating skills.

* DK has a reputatation for being very sweary on his blog, and he swore once or twice last night as well. It was a shame because I then started to think, oh well, here he goes again, and that turned me off to the points he was making about various issues. I don't read his blog as often as I might because it is hard to really respect someone's opinion when they express it in such a coarse fashion.

* I have to say though, the whole 'I hate the BNP for its socialism more than its racism' debate was outrageously good fun. I do wish, however, that the microphones were not so sensitive as I could hear the sharp intakes of breath and sotto voce comments very clearly!

* I thought Iain Dale should have grabbed hold of the programme by the scruff of the neck much more: the debate on global warming went on much too long.

* I thought you were alright, Paul, until your Kerron Cross story at the end. That was a bit of a ramble! I guess like essays, one has to keep it concise.

Gracchi said...

I thought you did fine- the Kerron Cross story didn't quite come off- but I didn't think it all worked to be honest quite- the debate about socialism and racism was a little odd- Devil's Kitchen was way out there on that. Alex Hilton and you were being sane in my impression. Well done- you should do it again

Paul Burgin said...

Well I wasn't impressed with my bit about Kerron. One of those situations where you use one track, only to find, too late, that there is a yawning chasm in the middle