Sunday, January 21, 2007

More on Big Brother

I do think that Jade Goody, as vile as she was in the CBB Household, should not be the only one criticised here. Channel 4 have some explaining to do as well!
But to be honest I think this has been a long time in coming. The organisers of the show seem to delight in creating explosive situations, so if the show is to continue, this is what I suggest they do to help things!

1) Be very careful who you select to go in. Don't put in people who would find such a situation vulnerable and don't put people in purely because they might cause a fuss (to put it mildly)

2) Don't put in a lot of alcohol on the opening night, only to withdraw it, only to put it back again, which causes contestants to overdo it slightly

3) 24/7 access to the Big Brother garden and awareness that each contestant needs their personal space. Perhaps seperate bedrooms would be ideal, so as to help foster that! However, contestants will have to help tend to that garden

4) Contestants are allowed to bring reading material with them. The organisers can check it (so for example, no one brings in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion etc..), but reading material will help give contestants something to do

5) In defending themselves Channel 4 seem to suggest that racism is wrong but bullying is okay. Bullying is never okay and any form of bullying should be stopped with a warning from Big Brother. A second warning should lead to an automatic eviction, which leads to....

6) Some house rules and regulations given to contestants before they go in

It's not much, but it might help a lot


tom watson said...

Too right they have some explaining to do. They allowed Endemol, their cynical content providers, to run amuck for days. It's damaged the Channel 4 brand, offended the nation and left a serious question mark over the competence of the senior executives of the station.

The whole thing has been shameful.

Annie Porthouse said...

hey, she's annoying, but i am quite fond of Jade, so go easy!
i have more comments re her on recent post of mine (pick and mix) should you be interested!

Cranmer said...


His Grace never saw any of this (far more important things to do), but transcripts he has read appear to amount to no more than crude jibes. She called the Indian actress a 'popodom', and told her to 'go back home to her slum'.

As unpleasant and distasteful as this is, is this not what this programme is supposed to expose, and precisely what constitutes this inane genre of 'entertainment'? And why is an entire nation's attitudes towards other races judged by the ignorant ranting of this mentally deficient young woman?

But His Grace would like you to ponder something...

Why were the comments of William Hague about the French and Chinese on 'Have I Got News For You' not considered racist? Why was there no national outcry? Does not Ms Goody's 'popodom' jibe equate with Mr Hague calling the French 'chees-eating surrender monkeys', or her comments about India's slums to Mr Hague referring to Chinese people as 'chinkies in search of a paddy field'?

If not, His Grace would very much like to know the difference.

Paul Burgin said...

Tom, I totally agree. Annie I read your post and whilst I would say that Jade shouldn't be the only one punished, she should not have made those comments and had a bit more clout about her.
Your Grace I agree others have got away with similar remarks, but I also think that bullying was the main ingredient here and that is something for which Channel 4 and Endemol should be properly taken to task

Cranmer said...

Mr Burgin,

His Grace thanks you for your response.

So Ms Goody is guilty of bullying?

Being no expert in this particular genre of television, His Grace is bemused by this response as constituting the reason for your displeasure. A group of adults are locked away in isolation, and observed. Presumably, it is the human interraction which is supposed to entertain. Anyone with a fundamental knowledge of psychology understands that some people are dominant, some passive; some aggressive, some placid, and so on. Ms Goody may have been true to her type, and indeed exposed as a bully, but quite why this is so utterly repugnant in the context of all the other repugnant aspects of humanity the programme exhibits is truly beyond His Grace's comprehension.

Scripture says that the mouth speaks what the heart is full of. If one places a group of corrupt hearts in a room, as sure as light follows day, their mouths will spout bile.

Paul Burgin said...

Well there is that, but I think that Channel 4 or any other maker of such programmes have a moral responsibility to make sure that such situations do not occur