Wednesday, January 17, 2007

New Blog Links (of sorts)

Adele's labour blog is Adele Reynolds' new blog. Am glad she is back as life in the Labour blogosphere is a bit dull without her. I am also surprised I am not mentioned on her new blog links (as I vaguely recall being mentioned on her previosu blog). Was it something I said or did? In any case do give her blog a read!

Lizzie Fision I think can go under my mental blog list of "Nice but Tory.."Worth a read, although ill health means it isn't updated as often as she would like, but do keep an eye on it.


Adele said...

Haven't finished updating the links. Will do it 2nite.

A x

Paul Burgin said...

That's a relief ;)

Lizzie Fison said...

Thanks Paul! :-) Tory, but nice - yeah, pretty much how I'm known by my lefty friends.

And thanks too for your comment about the M.E. - it's frustrating at the best of times, but the virus I've got at the moment really isn't helping me get done what I want (and was in particularly gloomy mood when doing yesterday's post). Hopefully soon there'll be more regular posts again.

Unfortunately I've tried a few drugs - all made me worse, except that ginseng and CoQ10 seem to help general energy (which is a small start). Perhaps you could find out what medication your friend is on and post it to me (which I won't publish) or send as a private message on My Blog Log? I have an understanding consultant who's willing to give things a try if I think it's worth it.

Paul Burgin said...

Will find out and let you know

Lizzie Fison said...