Monday, January 08, 2007

New Year. New Sparring Politics. Well forget new...

I didn't catch much of that interview with Gordon Brown yesterday morning, but what I saw I liked.
This is down to two things, first of all he took the moral lead and condemmed Saddam Hussein's execution (a pity the PM has remained silent on this, of which I cannot find an adequate reason) and the second is Gordon's vision.
Put basically the style of government will change if he becomes Prime Minister. There are new challenges ahead and we need to meet them with a fresh perspective. Long running governments do get tired (see the last nine years of Conservative government) and Labour needs to gently renew itself within government and reconnect with the British public or else we might see the awful possibility of David Cameron being Prime Minister in the next decade.
Incidentally how are the Conservatives doing these days? Well falling back into some old habits it seems. According to my good friend and fellow blogger Kerron Cross, the Conservatives in Scotland might ditch their leader Annabel Goldie for not being right-wing enough!
Now Ms Goldie is one of those individual Conservatives I quite warm to, so I am a bit saddened by all of this, albeit a bit puzzled as to why the Conservatives have decided to take this course of action. After all it was under Margaret Thatcher and John Major that the Conservatives got to where they are now in Scotland (i.e. fourth place)! You would have thought that they would realise how the canny Scots feel about politics and be a bit more pragmatic and centerist, but C'est la vie.
Another story comes from, who has been involved with the HateMyTory campaign. One individual has understandably complained and sent an e-mail which can be seen here. A bit OTT of the individual but there you are.
Now I am not too keen on the HateMyTory campaign, it is vindictive and petty and (whilst I sympathise with the fact that it comes from years of political hurt) quite unessesary. In any case I have not seen anyone on there I really, really take a big dislike to. But I digress, my sympathy with the individual who sent the e-mail ended with this bit:

"Put my photo back on the site if you’d like i’ll gladly sacrifice that to tell you what an idiot you are, I have no manners, respect or time for a person of your caliber. Your probably a result of a state school education (bet that upsets you eh?)"

Now there really wasn't any need for that and it just goes to show that Young Conservatives still haven't changed. Whilst you get some nice individuals, you also get many who are childish, infantile, snobbish, prone to fighting dirty etc.. Nice to see the Cameronistas getting to grips with the real world.
Incidentally Transpero replied as follows:

"Well, _____, you are quite right. I spent most of my secondary school years at a pretty run down (these were the 1980s) North London comprehensive - but they did teach me the difference between you are and your so I suspect less money was wasted on me than you."*

*Have not mentioned the individuals name as I am unsure where I legally stand


Kerron said...

Hey Paul, I am your Scottish expert now! ;-)

Think I'm on 18 Doughty Street with you again on 22nd. Will be fun. :-)

Paul Burgin said...

Was going to ask if you were on on the 22nd as well!
Cross and Burgin. The new double act on 18 Doughty Street ;)