Friday, January 26, 2007


At last night's Bloggers4Labour social, Councillor Kris Brown suggested a paintballing day out for bloggers. The idea being Labour bloggers Vs Tory and Lib Dem bloggers, in any case I think this is an excellent idea, but let me know your thoughts on this and we shall see if it can be arranged.


C4' said...

An excellent idea!

Liz said...

As a life long independent voter can I just splat all of you? hehehe

The sad thing i'll probably be working!!


Kris Brown said...

You have to make up your own team, all of us against you,

Icedink said...

count me in...i need a gun with blue paint.

Paul Burgin said...

Well Kris did suggest those of us who are Labour bloggers call ourselves The Red Army! ;)

Skuds said...

Can we bring our families??

Wife: last time we went she got the "GI Jane" award for best female player

Daughter: 3 years in the army cadets. Can bring her own camo paint

Son: psychopath.

Paul Burgin said...

"Son: psychopath. "

I never thought I would say this, but we need people like that in our Labour group! lol