Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Party Animals

(BBC Online)
I am rather intrigued about the new drama series Party Animals. About Parliamentary staff done in the style of This Life.
Now having worked briefly for an MP, and knowing a few people who work or have worked in Westminster I have to ask myself is this true to life? Well it probably is, but have not seen anything first hand, bar the occasional sighing at the sight of attractive female research assistants.
Thing is, when I worked for Geraint I worked in his constituency office (and it was for a three month period that extended to five months), and only occasionally helped out at Westminster, so I never got so much as a Pass.
But I did come across a very minor scandal, involving myself.
One afternoon in Portcullis (my first day there), I asked my colleague where the loos were. I found it, only to find it was engaged, so I did what any sensible person did; found and used the nearest empty disabled loo.
I couldn't find the light switch, but found that even if I locked it, there would be enough light under the door to see what I was doing. And so, after washing my hands, and unable to see or feel for the flush mechanism, I was relieved to see a cord and pulled to flush.
Of course the alarm starts, I swiftly open the door, to find to my horror I rashly pulled the alarm cord and quickly and quietly walk back to the office, only feeling safe when in front of my computer.
So if I did inconvenience a Portcullis security guard, no doubt busy watching some shenanigans between researchers on a monitor (If Party Animals is to be believed), then I am sorry for wasting your time!


Paul Linford said...

The show seems to be based on the experiences of its producer, Eleanor Greene, who spent a bit of time moving in vaguely political circles a while back. Recess Monkey had the original story last year.

Paul Burgin said...

Actually now you have linked it, I remember reading that.
Sex and power. Never far apart and if handled badly can cause combustion :/

Anonymous said...

It won't be true to life. As life in Westminster is either too dull or so bizarre the BBC would think you were making it up.

Sure it will be entertaining though and portray researchers in a 'really positive light'

Paul Burgin said...

Well I have never heard first hand of any scandals.
Oh there is one, but I think that is an urban myth and basically involved a researcher and a leather sofa. No one I know I hasten to add.