Some Home Truths the Conservatives don't like or Tory Bashing!

It has been said that Kerron's counterpart in the Conservative blogosphere is Iain Dale, and I do wonder if my opposite no is Prague Tory , although I don't get into some of the scrapes he does (probably down to cowardice on my part), so if anything I suspect my Conservative counterpart is Tim Roll-Pickering .
That said, Prague Tory has started an open threat on "how to annoy lefties", now I am not too impressed with this (obviously) and I think some balance needs to be redressed, so I have told PT that I intend to do a list on how to annoy those on the right. So any suggestions from fellow Labour activists/bloggers will be most welcome.
So to set the ball rolling:

(Disclaimer. I want to make it clear in advance that I abide by some form of Queensbury rules in that I wish to state that there are a no of individual Conservatives I like and/or admire. With regards to blogs, not least Iain Dale , Louise, Prague Tory, Tim Roll-Pickering and Ellee Seymour, it's just that they are politically misguided.This list is meant to be a bit of fun and I apologise in advance to those Tories who take offence, depending on who they are ;) )

1) Point out that no left-leaning, Labour supporting national newspaper backed Sir Oswald Mosely, Hitler, or any other leading fascist in the 1930's, whereas....

2) No leading Labour figure backed a relaxing of economic sanctions against South Africa in the 1980's, nor did they support Pinochet's brutal dictatorship in Chile and make pathetic excuses for the regime

3) Just a few words: Westminster City Council under Dame Shirley Porter

4) Unemployment has never gone above two million under any postwar Labour Govt..

5) Three general election victories for Labour since 1997. Two of them landslides and better majorities than any the Conservatives enjoyed!

6) Politicians who have been arrested and imprisoned for a criminal offence have tended to be Tories!


Praguetory said…
Nothing made my blood run cold - to be honest I think you need to get a bit more up-to-date. I despise Dame Shirley, but that and 1 and 2 are just too old to hurt. To 4, I'd reply lies, damned lies... 5 shows the unfairness in the electoral system and show me a case similar to Archer's or Aitken's that was prosecuted against a civilian. I've linked to you from my original post.
Skuds said…
I think that a campaign to get a little yellow star included on the Union Flag (and all other European flags) to indicate membership of the EU is a good wind-up.
Neil Harding said…
The Tories have opposed extending the democratic franchise to the working classes, opposed votes for women, gay rights, trade union rights, all race relations and equal opportunities improvements, opposed the nhs, the welfare state in general, the minimum wage, even opposed the idea of society, in fact most improvements in ordinary people's lives in any decade you can mention have been opposed by the Tories.

And of course it is relevant that they backed fascists before and after the war. The last Tory administration was almost 10 years ago, so of course their backing for Pinochet and Apartheid etc. are going to be 'in the past'.

Also what about the racist 'are you thinking..' campaign in 2005 coordinated by 'nice' dave cameron?

The Tories are reinventing their image but hopefully voters won't be fooled, the policies remain the same policies opposing any improvement in ordinary people's lives (as much as they dare).
Neil Harding said…
ps. praguetory: how you have got the nerve to criticise the electoral system I don't know. I bet you still want to keep 'first past the post' don't you? A system that keeps a minority govt in power oppressing the majority. You Tories got 35% of the vote in England and 36% of the seats, so the bias is in your favour. It is the Lib Dems and others that lose out. Unless you are arguing for a proportional system then you are being ridiculous!
Anonymous said…
Good grief - "The Tories have back fascists" thats as good as reminding you who the national socialists became comrade!
Louise said…
Damn Blogger Beta! This is my third attempt to defend my Party. :-/

You're quite right about Conservatives supporting some dreadful regimes in the past.

I'm glad no-one in the Labour Party supports illiberal regimes in countries such as Cuba.... oh, wait, never mind.
Paul Burgin said…
No one in the Labour hierarchy at least though! ;)
To be fair though, I do notice and dislike the hypocricy amongst some in both right and left in attacking regimes which are brutal and totalitarian, bar those which have an ideology which they do not see as a particular threat

It was a Conservative government that introduced and passed the Second Reform Act.
It was a Conservative dominated government that first gave women the vote and another which fully equalised the franchise. Indeed when the issue of women's suffrage raged in the Edwardian years the only major party leader in favour of it was Arthur Balfour, whilst Herbert Asquith was opposed. It was a Conservative government when the age of same-sex consent was first lowered. It was a Conservative government who passed laws to put trade unions back in the hands of their members. I could go on and on and on to slap down each of your points but it would get tiresome. (But look up the details of the NHS and you'll see that the Conservatives echoed the concerns of the BMA about the nature of a state medical service).

Paul: Labour's not so clean on that score. What about that Lord/MSP who was done for arson?
Paul Burgin said…
"Paul: Labour's not so clean on that score. What about that Lord/MSP who was done for arson?"

That will teach me to be so self righteous. Well he was expelled from the Party if I remember correctly, and I should add that he wasn't so high profile!
Citizen Andreas said…
I'm something of a latecomer to this discussion, but I'm quite fond of this one.

Refer to Polly Toynbee as a "leading conservative thinker"
Paul Burgin said…
Yes, that would irritate a few of them
praguetory said…
Just thought of something that can really irritate me. If someone says that there's no difference between Labour and the Tories.

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