Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Top Ten Nicest MP's

I did say I would do this, so here is my list of Top Ten MP's who I like:

(Disclaimer. I like Oliver Heald and have had a good working relationship with him with regard to my work with Oxfam. The problem is however, that he represents the constituency I live in, which obviously I think would be better served with a Labour MP. I would also like to point out that I don't think any the less of the 636 other MP's. For a start I don't know very much about a lot of them!)

Alistair Burt

Very kind, approachable, down to earth sort of guy. Have met him once or twice at Christian political events and he once came to the coffee shop where I once worked.

Iain Duncan-Smith

Any Questions once came to my area and I got to be in the audience. Duncan-Smith was on the panel at the time (when he was just a Shadow Cabinet member), and I gave him a rough time afterwards on the Tories immigration policy, which he handled very well. He struck me then as a man committed to social principles but in the wrong political party. Was disgusted by the way many of his fellow MP's treated him in 2003.

Hilary Benn

The guy allegedly turned down promotion so that he could spend more time getting things done at DfID! Kind, courteous, and the only cabinet minister who I have addressed by his christian name when meeting him without a moments thought.

Andy Reed

Kerron's boss, and a friendly one at that. I once did a days work experience among the Reedites and was impressed by Andy's general demeanour.

Ann Widdecombe

Okay, many people find her difficult and she doesn't suffer fools gladly, but she is unafraid to tackle the things she regards as wrong and I am told that she is a very warm hearted person in private. Seeing her entertain Louis Theroux for a week, I can believe it ;), plus she is against foxhunting. I also have a lot of respect for her, even if I dislike a no of her political views!

Henry Bellingham

He once tried to set up an All Parliamentary Group looking into issues involving dyspraxia, dyslexia, autism, and aspergers, and I was interested enough to write to him and ask with a view to getting involved.We met up at Portcullis House and I was struck by his sheer decency.

Barbara Follett

My CLP's neighbouring MP. Gives us help, advice, and has been generally kind to us over the years. Honest and unpretentious and if only more MP's are like that

Hugh Bayley

Met him during the by-election campaign in Leicester South. A bit shy and unstuffy, which I found rather endearing.

Alan Beith

Moral, forthright, and talented. Devout Christian in the Methodist tradition as well ;)

Gordon Brown

A lot of people write about Gordon Brown being a dour Scot who is a control freak and have not met him. I have. He is a bit shy, but a leader cannot live by charisma alone, and as well as knowing where you stand with him, he is moral, considerate of others in need, and you always know where you stand with him.


Icedink said...

I always suspected you secretly liked Tories, though not THE Tories ;-))) A good list - Hilary Benn very impressive. A belated HNY.

Paul Burgin said...

That's very true. I have never had a problem with liking individual Tories, or Lib Dems for that matter (and I think a lot of political activists would say the same about their opposition), but the sheer ideology of the other parties in my view, means that they wouldn't be helpful to the British people in government whether that is their intention or not! As for Hilary Benn, I have yet to come across anyone who doesn't like him.
A belated HNY to you too!