Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Who I Think Should Play Freddie Mercury in a Biopic

For a short while now, it's been known that a biopic on the life of Freddie Mercury of Queen is in the pipeline. Now of course it will be difficult for any actor, or indeed musician, to try and fill the Queen miester's shoes. However reading up on the Golden Globe awards the other day I think we have spotted the right actor for the part.


Don't you think there is some resemblance here?


Kanakaberaka said...

Have you seen Sasha Baron Cohen outside of his "Borat" character mode? I am sure he could imitate Freddy Mercury with ease. He would probably have to lip-sync the songs though. I'm sure that Queen fans would prefer the real recorded singing voice of Mercury to that of "Da Ali G show" star.

Paul Burgin said...

Yes I have, and even then I saw the similarity!