Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Would this girl have fitted in the League of German Maidens?

(Press Association)
Reading this in some detail yesterday, it is quite shocking, although it begs the question as to whether (considering she is a teenager) Lucy Buchanan is echoing the views of others around her (whether it his her school, family, or both). I sincerely hope not and if she was doing it as a joke then it isn't very funny. So either she is silly or is appallingly racist!
Incidentally Lucy is the girl on the far right


C4' said...

Incidentally Lucy is the girl on the far right


Matt_c said...

An excellent excuse to put up a picture of girl's in bikinis, Paul! Should have thought of it myself really... :)

Paul Burgin said...

The only immediate photo available
Honest! ;)

Skuds said...

Well... I will defend anyone's right to hold an opinion and if she really is in favour of a return to slavery I will be only to happy to have her come here to redecorate the house, do all the chores and dig over the flowerbeds.

No wages obviously, but she can sleep in the garden shed for free and eat as much lawn as she likes.

Or was that not what she had in mind?

Skuds said...


As I am happily married, I will forgoe my droit de seigneur over her personally and delegate such matters to my fattest, ugliest, sweatiest, smelliest acquaintances.

I think that after a few weeks she may be able to come to a better-informed opinion on the pros and cons of slavery.

Paul Burgin said...