Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bloggers In An Alternative Universe Part I (Or A Bit of Fun)


It was late at night and Iain Dale walked to his car after another evening hosting the Internet radio talk station Westminster Tales (accused by many of being pro-Labour in spite of some of the people involved being Tories). He had a hard time of it tonight, defending the govt over it's current record and just hoping that Brown would soon be PM. One blogger, known as Guido, was busy trying to attack the Conservatives hypocricy over the years on the Cash for Honours, and to cap it all some guests objected to the recent comments made by that Arch Conservative and Countryside Alliance apologist, Kerron Cross.
Earlier that evening, the moderator of Cally's Kitchen was in Westminster Abbey, musing over the recent pronouncements of the Archbishop of York. For fellow anglicans such as himself, there was hope yet for the Church of England.
In Brighton, the Rev Neil Harding was closing his church that night after a late PCC meeting. He was fed up of attempts to curtail his ideas for evangelising the nearby block of streets and plans to lauch a new social welfare crusade. He was looking forward to blogging about it and perhaps get some moral support from that administrator from the "Ship of Fools" website, Andrew West.
In Oxford, right wing libertarians, Jo Salmon and Antonia Bance were watching another episode of The West Wing on DVD. Antonia had just been to another council meeting where they were discussing new ways of dealing with the local trade unions and other such groups.

As for Paul Linford, he was on his laptop, busy preparing the final draft of his contribution to The Little Blue Book of Tory Sleaze.

And in London, SWP member Tim Roll-Pickering was busy writing up a blog post on why banners on demonstartions should be three inches higher than the average size, as well as preparing a review on the latest Star Trek DVD release.
As for Paul Burgin of Mars Hill?
Well that would be telling ;)


C4' said...

Kerron said...

I bet some people will Google this and think it's reality now. ;-)

Paul Linford said...


For the record, I've not been asked to contribute to the new edition of the Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze.

But maybe you already knew this.

Paul Burgin said...

Ah, I thought you did.
My apologies