Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bloggers4Labour Meetup Part II

Well I owed you guys a bit more of a post on this. Like last year it was held at the Lord Moon of the Mall, and like last year I got accosted, albeit in a friendly manner, by Neil Harding, who wanted to know my views on one or two contentious subjects involving the church (One of these days I am going have nightmares where I am some prisoner undergoing interrogation by a German officer who looks like Neil ;-) ). Not only that, but as with last year Kerron was silent when I got pounced on in this fashion, although it was because this time he wasn't present.

But that said, Councillor Kris Brown, Jon Worth (along with his Swedish girlfriend), Will Parbury, and others.
Was great fun and good to put some faces to blogs again. We ought to do this more often and Andrew and I are talking about a B4L social in Oxford. That needs possible discussion with the likes of Jo and Antonia though and I keep remembering when I am away from a computer (until now), so now I have mentioned it here, it will give me the incentive to get something done


Scrybe said...

I could do an Oxford social, keep me posted. It would be good to see my old town (and beep me on my blog if you want any venue suggestions, although Jo and Antonia probs have it covered).

Scrybe said...

Id suggest either Far From the Madding Crodw or the Mitre, both of which tend to be relatively low on students, although the former has the bonus of real ale. Both have food and sufficient space and quiet.Jude the Obscure is also good, but a slight trek from town (about 10-15 mins walk from city centre, about 20-25 from the train station).

Jon Worth said...

Helena Markstedt is a political blogger in her own right, and is more than my 'Swedish Girlfriend'. Maybe that's what's putting women off going to these socials! :-)