Monday, February 19, 2007

Labour Deputy leadership. Who has blogger support

Courtesy of Paul Linford :

Hilary Benn

Paul Burgin
Mike Ion

Hazel Blears

Luke Akehurst

Jon Cruddas

Bob Piper
Kerron Cross
Will Parbury
Antonia Bance
The Daily
Newer Labour

Peter Hain


Alan Johnson

Stuart Bruce

Paul then adds:

I couldn't find any blogger who has come out in favour of Harriet Harman. When I first posted this I had thought Recess Monkey was planning to back her but I have since been corrected on this point (see comments.) Sitting on the fence, but leaning towards either Benn, Blears or Johnson, is British Spin, while Tom Watson appears to be flirting with either Johnson or Cruddas.

Incidentally Alex Hilton runs Hilary Benn's blog so there is another blogger who has nailed their colours to the mast.


Kerron said...

Yeah Alex is backing Hilary, so that's Recess Monkey and Labour Home!

If you want a Peter Hain backer then I would suggest the wonderful Harry Barnes - former MP.

Garry Chick-Mackay said...

Another Cruddas supporter here, and Harman's blog is being run by Jon Worth ( so I guess she has at least one online supporter.

I'm not sure what this tells us about the election though - in fact, I suspect it tells us more about bloggers.

Jon Worth said...

You could also add Fiona Colley, Everyday Social Democracy and Julie Morgan to the list for Harriet.

And while I might not be among the most-read Labour bloggers, it's not great research by Paul Linford to not at least come across my blog - doing a Google Blogsearch or Technorati Search for Harriet. I hence wonder how much weight Paul's survey has...

Also don't underestimate that only Harriet and Cruddas have their own blogs.