Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Meeting fellow dyspraxics

Last night I went to a social, organised by DANDA, a group which deal with people with autism, aspergers, dyspraxia, dyslexia, and other similar conditions. I hadn't been to such a meeting before, time and circumstance getting in the way, but after work last night I set off to Central London feeling a little bit nervous.
Normally in these kind of stories, people say "I needn't have worried!" but I did feel slightly unsure throughout, although I am very glad I went and plan to go to similar events. It's simply meeting people with a similar condition and I have not knowingly done that before (save one or two individuals in the past), and in turn that has helped make me face up to what I have, and coming out and publicly admitting to having a mild form of dyspraxia in any way after a no of years is tough.
Hopefully however, this will be the start of something good


rosegenie said...

ood on you! :)
I wanted to attend one of the many meetings for people with Social Anxiety Disorder (which I had very badly in my late teens) but was worried that I would feel too uneasy about talking about it; even though you know you all have the same condition, it's still nerve wracking, and also because you want to be helpful to others and you hope u are saying the right things!

tom watson said...

Well done Paul,

I have a loved one who is dyspraxic.

Your post has spurred me on to joining the parliamentary group that looks into policy in this area.

Paul Burgin said...

Is that the all-Parliamentary group on autism by any chance?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Well done, I hope it continues to be of help and support to yourselves and others. I certainly think your posts on this topic are very valuable.