Sunday, February 11, 2007

New Link

There is a new group within the CSM called CSM Renewal , which is somewhat timely given the decline in membership and the awful decision to have links with Nestle some months back. And with the CSM elections coming up, some of us feel it is time for renewal.

They have a list of candidates up for election this year, and they are:

For Chair:Rt Hon Alun Michael MP (currently CSM Patron)

For Vice Chair (2 positions)Helen Dennis (currently CSM Exec)Kerron Cross (currently CSM Exec)

For Publications Officer Sophie Harding (currently CSM Publications Officer)

For Treasurer Chris Ostrowski

For Ordinary Member of Executive (5 positions)James Walters, Angela Cheyne, Jonathan Cox (currently CSM Exec), Fred Grindrod (currently CSM Exec), Gareth Gould

For Eastern Region National Regional Represenvetative Allan Davies (Secretary of CSM Essex)

For London Region National Regional Representative Matthew Rhodes

For East Midlands Region National Regional Representative Richard Robinson

Over candidates who are standing in the CSM elections can be found here.
The only organisation affiliated with the Labour Party that I am a member of is the CSM and it is one of which I am proud to be a member. If the concerns CSM Renewal have are met, then it will be an organisation I will have increased respect for.


Adele said...

Go Kerron

Paul Burgin said...

I happily second that