Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Nigerian Problem

This is certainly rather depressing, but for anyone who does not consider themselves homophobic but is against homosexual practice and feels that Peter Akinola is a martyr. The following should be considered:

Do you support the regime in Zimbabwe, because it looks like Peter Akinola does.

Okay, I might seem a bit nasty here, but put simply, even at my most sympathetic, I think that there is something a bit Biblically inconsistent and Pharisseecial going on here!


Louisa Willoughby said...

Sorry, maybe I misunderstood you wrong, but you just cannot equate not thinking homosexuality is God's way for mankind with a support for the regime in Zimbabwe. That's just not on.

Maybe I misunderstood you?

Paul Burgin said...

What I meant was that if someone is saying homosexuality is wrong because it is unbiblical, why help support a regime that is highly corrupt? The Bible stands out against governments that oppress it's peoples. In fact, the Bible speaks more on those issues.
It's basically the double standards that bug me

Anonymous said...

maybe i misunderstood you wrong. how does that work then?

Paul Burgin said...

Using The Bible to attack one group of people, but being apologetic for others where there is more criticism