Thursday, February 08, 2007

Party Animals - Review

(BBC Online)
Watched episode 2 last night.
My thoughts?
Well it's well written, but a bit soap opera like, relying mainly on stereotypes. As for Danny being like Kerron, well I saw some similarities, but I haven't known Kerron to be tactless or as silly as Danny can be. If anything Danny reminds me of me in my early twenties (bar leaving the trainers on the window sill.
I did enjoy it though, although I can't identify with much of it bar Scott greiving over the sudden death of his friend and his reluctance to clear out the said friends room (I never had to do that, but found it very difficult removing Simon, and then Tammy's name and address in my phone book and mobile).
The arguments on policy are also good and the way Jo dealt with a hardline muslim campaigner was inspiring, although I would have taken care to show some empathy with his anger and suggest other ways of making their point.
And the love lives?
Well I can't say I approve of adultery, but I do like all the characters and hope Scott and Ashika end up together. The same goes for Danny and Kirsty ;)


Paul Linford said...

Do you really hope Danny ends up with Kirsty? Isn't he far too good for her?!

It's obvious Danny is based on Kerron, Martin Bright didn't even bother to deny it when challenged, but what I'd like to know is who the sexually predatory Tory journalist is based on. I could think of a few candidates...

Paul Burgin said...

Kirsty strikes me as fairly redeemable.
As I said, I can see some similarities and I know he is ment to be based on Kerron, but it is an exaggeration and the Kerron I know has a bit more savvy about him.