Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Speed Cameras and Mike Penning

Thanks to Freemania for this post.
Which part of this do right-wing Tories fail to understand? Accidents happen on the roads, sometimes through irresponsible driving, sometimes through drunkenness, sometimes through road rage and the like. Now the reason speed cameras are there is because one person's selfishness on the road can lead to another person's death, but hey let's not spoil the said driver's liberty.
But then perhaps Mike Penning has a point, although I doubt he would explain it to the families of those who have been killed by people speeding on the motorway! Incidentally it was a bit of a bad time to mention such viewpoints.


Canterbury Soul said...

I like your posts.

Thanks for sharing!

Press on!

Lord Lucan said...

Why have you blamed this on right-wing tories as if they are the sole people who get upset about speed cameras. I think you'll find people from all sides who think they are money grabbing thiefs. The idea you can lump this one purely on the Tories is frankly laughable.

Paul Burgin said...

I agree that it's disliked by people on all sides, but it does tend to be championed by right-wingers. For me it's not about freedom of the individual, it's about safety

Louise said...

Intended to reply here but became a rant so have posted it on my blog.

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I don't agree with you Paul.

Paul Burgin said...

No it is not a surpirse sadly enough.
The speed camera is not perfect, but neither are human beings. Yes there are those who are caught who have just gone about mph over, but that can mean the difference between life and death for, say, a small child in a 30 mph zone.
There are many, not the majority, but many drivers out there who are selfish and therefore dangerous, not every driver is as thoughtful and as conscientious as you are. More people get killed on the roads than anywhere else involving transport. I see your point about tail-gaiting (a particular hate of mine) etc.. but is that really a feasible and workable idea, and do the police have the manpower and resources to have roaming patrols to the extent that they are needed.
I can see some of the concerns and sympathise, but as I said before, to me this is about road safety and I just want to see the most effective way of penalising those drivers who are selfish and thoughtless on the road without a strech on manpower and resources.

Paul Burgin said...

Sorry where I said mph over, it should read 5 mph over