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I have thought about writing this for a while, and now seems a good a time as ever. If you agree to this, add your comment to this post and if possible link it to your blog and I will add your name on the post. If you like you can copy it, so long as you include the list of names here. The idea is that this posting gets repeated as much as possible and is used on as many blogs as possible:

Dear Mr Mugabe

Note first of all that we have not addressed you as President or any other such title, given the way the elections in Zimbabwe in the past few years have gone.
Our main aim in writing this is that we, as members of the international blogging community (not just the West) demand that you resign forthwith from your civic posts. This is not out of any racist or colonial attitude as you well know. It is out of a sense of common decency and horror at the way you are running what was once a beautiful and economically prosperous nation into the ground and the way you treat your people as if they were dirt, black and white. Not just the farm settlers, but also the poor city inhabitants as shown by your disgusting policy of "Operation Drive Out Trash"
You are not respected by a growing no of countries abroad, in recent weeks even South Africa has shown disquiet at your actions. Men of honour in that country such as Mandela and Archbishop Tutu are appalled at your actions. No doubt you think that we are arrogant and that we can "Go hang.." as you so arrogantly put it, but we are merely appalled and angered by your lust for power, your brutal ways of dealing with those who oppose you, and your total lack of respect for your people. You have in the past twenty-seven years made the economy and the democratic and judical processes in your nation (much valued in many a decent country) a joke. In the Name of God, of reason and of common decency. Resign now or else you will make things much worse for yourself.

Paul Burgin (Mars Hill)
Icedink (The Done Thing )
Prague Tory (Prague Tory )
Louise (My Rambling Thoughts )
Dizzy (DIzzy Tests , Dizzy Thinks )

Mightyeye (Bushey Chronicle )


Icedink said…
A good idea, and happy to link. We - western nations and African ones - should be ashamed of ourselves for being spectators and for hand wringing while Zimbabwe has gone to hell. The only redeeming feature is that it seems now that an end to it could come. I shudder to think what motivates Mugabe.
Praguetory said…
Put me on the list. Also, let me know if you hear of anything that will have more clout.
Barry Beef said…
that should do the trick Paul. I'll put on CNN and wait for his resignation.
Paul Burgin said…
You miss the point Barry. The idea is to try and do something and see the response, which I am hoping will be widespread, simply to make a point and help make people more aware
Louise said…
Add me to your list Paul
dizzy said…
Barry Beef said…
ok, i get it now. so your letter will make more people aware. that's good. it's pie in the sky, but it's good.
mightyeye said…
Good idea Paul, in the great scheme of things every little contribution helps. It is essential to educate and spread the word - that the fascist dictator Mugabe and Zanu PF regime must go.
Anonymous said…
If l have brilliant ideas which can be very instrumental in removing Mugabe from power but not well politically linked what should l do.
Paul Burgin said…
Well I think the main aim is to see the restoration of the rule of law and human rights returned to that country and for that there are organisations like Amnesty International and the UN to get in touch with
Anonymous said…
I'm writing my own letter.

I am primarily concerned with the appauling human rights record. Here is some of my reasearch.

Examples of Human Rights abuse:

Right to education (Article 17)

Priests told: don’t aid ‘filth’ (19 June 2005)

Life and personal integrity (Article 4)
Freedom from discrimination (Article 2 and 18(3))
Freedom of movement (Article 12)
Equality (Article 3)

Not allowing access to food

Freedom from cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (Article 5)

Sponsored beatings and intimidation

Rights to due process concerning arrest and detention (Article 6)

Zimbabwe: Detention of Morgan Tsvangirai (04/06/2008)


Freedom to political participation (Article 13)

Zimbabwe police arrest another opposition lawmaker (Sat Jun 7, 2008 6:26am EDT)

The right to a fair trial (Article 7 and 25)

99 electoral commission officials arrested

Expelling foreign diplomats, aid workers and journalists

Freedom to assembly (Article 11)

Ban on opposition party election rallies

Freedom of movement (Article 12)

Zimbabwe aid agency ban (06/06/2008)

UK diplomats held at road block (05/06/2008)

Right to property (Article 14)

Land Reform

Operation Murambatsvina (Drive Out Trash)
Thought you lot would find this one amusing
robert mlambo said…
All zimbabweans have been indoctrinated with the fear that he will get you wherever you are, they fear him, thats why no one stands against him. the western countries do nothing coz he is too smart. Why cant zimbos act against this guy for the sake of their kids. he talks about war heroes who died for freedom. ARE THERE NO MORE HEROES OUT THERE

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