Amazing Grace - The Review

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Saw Amazing Grace at the cinema last night (and missing the last episode of Life On Mars in the process) and I have to say that it is quite a good film. It was very clever in the way it didn't show actual slaveships operating, and yet made it very clear how they were used and what happened.The acting and some of the dialogue was also good. I esp liked the scene where a Bill on blockading French ships using US Flags of Convenience was put through the Commons and Lord Tarleton, recognising it was a clever manovere by the abolitionists, vainly searches the Commons to whip up MP's into the Chamber, only to find most of them had been invited to a day at the races.If I do have a major concern though, it is the accuracy. Fox died in 1806, the final time the Bill was put through the Commons was in 1807, and yet there he is, making a speech at the end, praising Wilberforce. Not only that, but shouldn't the Duke of Clarence be sitting in the Lords, not the Commons!Apart from that, a film you must see if you haven't already. 7/10


james higham said…
For me, this would seriously detract from the film, the anachronisms and lack of accuracy. Historical drama demands accuracy.
Paul Burgin said…
There is that, but a lot that I know about that is in the film, is accurate. It also has a powerful message to tell about man's inhumanity to man with commerce as a pathetic excuse and that is important

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