Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blog Etiquette

I agree with this. I think that a self regulatory system is what is needed right now. Cyber abuse and bullying happens to be on the increase and it is amazing about what many suffer here which would not be tolerated in, say, a public meeting. Not only that, but the old argument of the past year is also valid. If someone is being nasty and abusive on the Net and posts anonymously, what does it say about them and should we tolerate it?


dizzy said...

sorry mate, but abuse on the Internet is not on the increase at all. It's the same as it always has been for the past 20 years.

What's on the increase is more users coming into the playpit and discovering that the rules of the playground are multipled 100 fold.

The idea of "self-regulation" is a nonsense. For a start, who decides what is and what is not to be regulated?

There is nothing technological special about a blog. It's static content with a cgi guestbook script bolted on the side. Same as any website dating back to the mid 1990s.

dizzy said...

I should add as well that there is already regulation, it's called moderation and the power to delete. The idea that "" is any less anonymous than "anonymous" is just silly.

Paul Burgin said...

But more people use the Internet, as you say, and find themselves in vulnerable scenearios that they, naively or otherwise, did not expect.
The self regulation point is an aim, an idea, not a set of rules, the object being to work out ways of trying to curtail cyber bullying, it is not a hard set of rules and therefore individuals can use or ignore them as they wish. As you say, there already is some regulation already, but not everyone is wise to this and not everyone has the know-how to track those who are guilty of cyber bullying

Paul Linford said...

I think I would be able to get my head around this debate a bit more if someone defined exactly what is meant by "cyber-bullying."

Is it the kind of thing Tim Ireland complains about - ie powerful bloggers using so-called sock-puppets to abuse those who disagree with their views? Is it the kind of thing I've had a bit of on my blog, people from my less-than-illustrious past popping up under various anonymous guises and calling me names? If so, as Dizzy says, this is really playground stuff, isn't it?

Alternatively, we could be talking about something altogether more serious, but it seems to me that "cyber-bullying" is a phrase that means different things to different people. What exactly do you mean by it, Paul?

Paul Burgin said...

Basically people who set out to harrase and intimidate others via the Net. Some who are on the receving end deal with it very well, others not so. That's basically my understanding

Paul Linford said...

Fair enough. I've thought long and hard myself about whether to (a) introduce comment moderation on my blog, and (b) delete offensive comments by anonymous posters (some of whose actual identities are pretty transparent) but in the end i have decided against it because I think such comments say more about them than about me.