Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Blogging Island of Follis Aperire

Recently a friend e-mailed me about an exciting development in the world of cyberspace. Apparently one of the biggest blogging communities in the World in any one place centers on the small independent island of Follis Aperire in the mediterranian.
It's not a big place (it's 118.2 sq kilometres in size, or 46 sq miles), but it has it's own system of government (albeit with the Queen as Head of State, as it was once part of the British Empire) and yet about one in every four of it's 88,200 residents has a blog or is an avid blog reader.
And it's recently that most UK Blogs have become popular over there. Every Sunday morning at the Roman Catholic Church of St Thomas. Excerpts from Cally's Kitchen are read prior to the notices. Two Social Democrat candidates in the forthcoming general election have based their personal manifesto on the messages left on Labourhome and there are plans for Kerron Cross and Alex Hilton to be the guest speakers at their Party Conference in July.
As for Guido Fawkes. Well it's unfortunate that many of the local fishermen are avid fans of Newsnight, so after some protest, he has had his application for a Visa to visit Follis Aperire revoked. That said, Iain Dale is more than welcome to host their new Sunday morning politics programme on Channel 18.
I could go on. About how Cllr Miranda Grell 's blog has inspired many local reforms, how Andrew West has become an adviser to the Ministry of Communications, how Andrew Regan has set up the new SPD Party website, and how Tim Roll-Pickering's plans on letterboxes has just become law in the Inutilis - The National Parliament, but I won't..
And as for little old me. Well a local coffee bar has been named in my honour, but some chocolate company seems to be rather annoyed and is considering legal action.
It is indded a lovely island, and as for the spaggetti trees... ;)


Miranda said...

When do we sail?! xx

Andrew said...

As communications adviser I feel it is my duty to also mention the diverse range of monkeys that inhabit the island. Not just recess, either.