Thursday, April 19, 2007

Conservatives and Finanical Hypocricy

One thing many of us in the Labour Party have had to stomach in the past few months are the constant sniping from the Conservatives about alleged financial misconduct from the Labour Party.
Whcih is amusing in so far as they aren't exactly as pure as the driven snow themselves. Not even recently it seems.
Maybe it's me, but living in tax exile and wanting to help society's disadvantaged seems slightly strange when you consider that the aim of most Labour governments (whether we have been succesful in the past or not) is to use tax as a way of helping the more disadvantaged in our society.
But it's the sheer open goal from the Tories that intrigues me. One can almost imagine them in a trench trying to storm a house full of faithful footsoldiers from the Labour Party. You have HQ suggesting that they set up an armed post in No Man's Land, you have the likes of George Osborne shouting personal insults to Gordon Brown above the parapet. Otis Ferry wanting to storm across, kamikaze fashion, shouting "I hate them! I hate them!", and in the distance there is a small but steady bonfire of leaflets that Guido has been dropping from repeated flyovers.
Ah well, C'est la vie I suppose.


Man in a shed said...

I think you'll find the difference is that your parties activities have just had a large file land on the CPS's desk and were organised at the very centre. Even your own party treasurer was furious when he found out what was being done.

In the case you refer to it one Tory peer, and individual, who will most likely loose the whip if he doesn't fall in line. ( David Cameron has already described the situation as unacceptable.)

Paul Burgin said...

Ah, but Labour as a whole has not been happy with this either, as you have mentioned with regards to Jack Dromey.
The trouble with the Tories however is that they have a history of having financiers with liberal attitudes towards living in the UK and paying tax.