Thursday, April 05, 2007

English/Scottish Tories to split?

Hat Tip to Stephen Tall, I am not too surprised if it is true, although it seems a bit unfair on the Scots, plus it says something about the Party in general, along the lines of "Oh, we do very badly in Scotland, lets split from our Scottish brethern and pretend it's nothing to do with us!"

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Icedink said...

This is all wrong, and I suspect someone at The Spectator, the source of the story, has been given a bum steer by a Central Office twerp or policy wonk. Anyway (I think I'm right), the Scottish party is already separate from the English but is affiliated to it via its constitution. It would be for members north of the Border to decide if they were going to break away. Until the mid 1960s, they fought, I believe, as Scottish Unionists. Apropos of nothing, that last bit, but there you are.