Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Last Night on 18 Doughty Street

Click here if you want to see my performance last night on Blogger TV and here if you want to see me on Vox Politix. Would love to say more but am a bit busy today. Oh and my one real gripe about last night. They got my blog address wrong!


C4' said...


Tom Paine said...

You were squirming delightfully and looking very uncomfortable as Des Browne was rightfully skewered for the oxygen thief he is. It was worth staying up to a very late hour in Moscow just to see that.

You will have to work on your poker face if you want to go into politics proper, Paul.

It was a good panel though and your contribution was much appreciated.

Paul Burgin said...

C4 I only compared Brown to Heath in terms of comparing Heath to Wilson in so far that Cameron (like Wilson) has the more obvious charm, but that Brown (Heath) has his own quiet charisma and when it comes to Brown's first big test, he, like Heath, will probably win.
Tom, some days are not good days for Labour just like some days are not good days for the Conservatives. So long as you bear in mind that what goes around comes around ;)