Sunday, April 29, 2007


A busy weekend with a Stag Night yesterday (was hellish getting in and out of London) and a relative's 80th birthday party today, so one or two things I want to quickly mention this weekend

Rubbish Bins

Here's a question for you. 1) Which Party runs many of the councils ?and 2) Was notthe same Party that stripped a lot of councils of it's authority in the 1980s?
Don't doubt for a moment that this is one of the more nasty local election campaigns waged yet by the Tories, from cheap attacks on Gordon Brown's economic competence to making accusations about Labour's record in local government when it's the Tories who cause many of the problems which occur!


Written by Stanley Myers and performed by John Williams, this is one of my favourite pieces of music and I heard it for the first time in a while yesterday. It's best known for being part of the soundtrack of The Deer Hunter.


james higham said...

Which Party runs many of the councils ?

Hmmm. I know, I know, Paul - NuLabour. Had to think there for a minute.

Good to draw our attention to this.

Paul Burgin said...

And which Party runs many of those councils which have changed their bin policy for the worst?
I think you will find it is a different political party